Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Popular ?


Why are Pandora Bracelets so Popular?

Pandora is certainly a great selling bracelet worldwide.

That’s for two main reasons -

Jealousy and creativity!

One of the main reasons that people buy Pandora is that they are struck with the sheer beauty of the Pandora Bracelet worn by a friend or someone they happen to meet.

Pandora bracelets are all designed to make the most of your creative urges.

That way your Bracelet is not just a collection of trinkets but by choosing well, you can design a bracelet that is more of a piece of art than just another piece of jewelry.

What appeals to most wearers is the ability to customize their bracelets.
bracelets come in two sizes  - 19 cm or 20cm long depending on your wrist size (more are available from outside companies) Its advisable not to have too long a bracelet as this could easily slip off and get lost.

Pandora is a whole system which holds beads and Charms securely and their screw system ensures you will never lose your charms off the bracelet.

On great advantage is that the Pandora Bracelets can be screwed together to make a necklace .
Of course Pandora also make a delightful necklace that accepts your existing beads and charms from your bracelet.

Lot of wearers start off with one Pandora bracelet and by buying spare charms or beads they end up with buying a second or even third bracelet to add to and enhance their jewelry collection.

(Yes you can buy spare empty bracelets and even  silver plated ones that will work with Pandora or Troll Beads and Charms.)

These Bracelets normally come with a lobster claw clasp like most necklaces  but a further refinement is a locking clasp which is much more secure for your handiwork.

A safety Chain is also available and recommended for bracelets with gold beads.

There are separators which divide the bracelet into 3 sections and clips make designing easier.

Lay out your Pandora Bracelet on a Tea Tray and use a knitting needle to show yourself how the bracelet will look.

This gets   the beads and charms into the best looking order (you have to screw them onto the bracelet itself to stop them falling off  so this saves time later !)

Pandora makes a great gift for any woman from a teenager upwards (although it may be a little expensive for most teenagers).

So the main thing is to really put some effort into designing your own bracelet.

There are literally thousands of different beads, charms and tokens to spruce up your creation.

Murano Beads are often popular choices as they are available in vibrant colors and designs

Why not start off by thinking of a theme - here are some suggestions -


Autumn - fall colors make a lovely bracelet

Zodiac Signs -of course with your own sign prominent

Family- or as gifts for family members

Pandora bracelets are the ideal Valentines Day gift for your true love

As an Anniversary gift Pandora bracelet makes a wonderful keepsake.

Yor favpurite pets can be added to a Pandora bracelet too.

Cats make a delightful bracelet

Horses are very popular gifts for horse owners.

Dogs are available as most popular breeds for a doggy bracelet

Travel bead of destinations with romantic meanings have ideal memories

You will find that each of these subjects can be found  (sometimes with huge choices)

The next items to think about are relevant colors to complement the subject of the bracelet and make it outstanding.

Are you going to include a theme like silver or gold ?

It’s easier to find silver charms than gold charms - especially for difficult subjects.

A  bracelet with all gold or alternate gold and theme charms can look quite stunning .

Similarly and all silver charm bracelet willl always look better than a mixed selection

You can of course find ready made Pandora Bracelets with very attractive selections but most ladies prefer to make their own choice of charms and Beads.

There are several choices of makers who offer similar bracelets but Pandora is the most popuar choice.

Always ensure that if you buy charms from a third party that they will actually fit your new bracelet.

(Cheap charms from Far Eastern countries sometimes don’t fit genuine Pandora bracelets)

If you love the look of a gold Pandora Bracelet but not the price, consider the alternative of  gold plated or silver charms.
An all-Gold bracelet certainly makes a very strong and powerful statement about you and Your Taste.and of course looking incredibly attractive on your wrist !

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