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suggestions on How to buy Gold

before rushing out and investing in gold you may like to consider the following thoughts and suggestion on how to buy gold

Why do you want to buy gold ?

this is a sensible question and you might like to consider other forms of investment such as antiques,silver,fine art or coins

Gold is currently THE best single area to invest in as banks and financial organisations have been somewhat unreliable in recent years
Property has not been the great investment some people expected and only silver and jewellery have compared with the rise in value
of gold.
Gold does seem to still be the only really stable precious metal and has the advantage of easy portablility
and ease of saleability worldwide.

Buying gold is a viable alternative to othe rinvestments and nothing compares to the sunny gleam of gold in your hand
when it is immediately visible and tradeable.
gold will be likely to only continue to rise as other investors worldwide continue to join in the apparent
gold rush of the 21st century.
there is of course a finite amount of gold in the world and this would seem to attract investors in projects like mining asteroids and undersea gold mining
Gold has always had a magical attraction for people ever since early manchose to use gold for all kinds of adornment for jewellery for many different kinds of purposes includlng beutiful gifts and even for religious use for not
only western religions but also for other earlier religions like the Incas who
veneraed gold as the tears of the Sun and the Gods (not forgetting the Egyptians who used gold extensively
in their religious paraphenalia and even went as far as gold masks and coverings for mummies as in the gorgeouse funeraary collection of items from King tutankhamuns tomb.)

So Why buy Gold-
iTS instantly recognisable
easy to check if its real
great protection against a financial crash
Gold will last a long,long time
Unlike bonds or banknotes,gold has superb durabiliy
Its practically unbreakable
People always want to buy it back from you.
In the last few years gold has quintupled in value - few investment come near this rate of increase in value.

So where can you buy gold ?

Various companies exist to only deal in gold.
these include:
Bullion Dealers = who usually only buy and sell large quantities of gold
Bullion dealers are also very careful about who they will deal with.
you qill usually need proof of identity, origins of your money or bonds
When selling to a bullion dealer you will need proof of ownership,receipts and other means of proving that you
have legal title to the gold and that the origin of the gold is legal.

Gold is so easy to buy and sell that it is often used to transfer criminal proceed,proceeds of drug trafficking
and may even have been produced by slavery.
there are very stringent controls on the legal origins of large amounts of gold
to avoid the possibility of an illegal origin.
Gold is also often used as a method of payment for arms ,guns,tanks and other weapons and these may well be signs of a very illegal transaction
So where do you buygold?


this is usually friends or relatives.
the only disadvantage is  negotiating the cost of the gold.
My Second choice is


Some banks (mostly french belgian and swiss_ will sell singl gold coins for cash
this will be at a small premium from the gold price
It may well be worthwhile to take a day trip to Belgium or Geneva to buy small quantities of gold snd return with a handful of gold coins or ingots.

A good alternative in your hunt for how to buy gold is coins
you can buy these from cin dealers, ebay, markets and private collectors cashing in on their investments.
ALWAYS arrange meetings in public places or bank for security
you should immediately lodge coins or ingots in your bank and take out insurance on them.

Many of the larger and smaller companies often sell to very large gold and silver companies an excellent company to buy from is

Cooksons in London snd Birmingham
A pawnbroker or local jeweller will often sell scrap gold but at a premium -
nationally advertised comapany offering to buy gold may offer to buy at low prices but will usually sel at up to 25%
above the gold price.

Local auctions or estate sales often include gold jewellery in their sales.
Normally these are good sources as gold will have been tested (or get yourself a gold testing kit)
Please note that jewellery with stones may vastle increase its worth but beware of gold jewellery with la diamonds ( these are artifially labority produced diamonds almost indistingushable
from real diamonds without specialist testing equipment. But you may get very lucky buying this way.
you can advertise in local papers, collectors magazines but you may well attract the attention of shady characters.
One of my friends was badly beaten up and robbed after meeting a seller in a local bar.
He was also robbed of his cash and all valuables of course.

There are very real dangers inheritent in buyin or selling gold

you can find good buys in US Gold Coins,Krugerands,sovereigns and German,Swiss and French gold coins  but:
only deal with sellers with high excellent feedback
Krugerrands are a popular choice with many investior as each coin contains 1 ounce of gold and this makes valuation easier.

Ebay is a pretty good place to buy gold and is a very good idea  providing you take safety into account

Article by Keith Jones  1st May 2012  (c)  bestgold

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