About Best Gold Gifts and our GOOD DEALS


I'm currently searching high and low to find you the very best GOOD DEALS on fine Gold and Silver Jewelry

When you are searching for that PERFECT GIFT for someone, there are a number of problems you may encounter.

I ONLY use reputable sources for the Jewelry I offer - you won't find any Blood Diamonds dug with slave labour in remote parts of Africa here.

Diamonds are just that - DIAMONDS - unlike some stores I label cz or lab created diamonds as just that !  - the same goes for Emeralds, Rubies,etc,etc.

If you want cheaper items from China or Thailand - let me know  and I'll source them for you - I have made several buying trips to China and Hong Kong  and you will soon find delectable deals on this site.

Some of my best deals are found through Amazon.com and you will come across these .

Here's a guide to some precious stones and their other common names ! Of course I only sell real stones - unless people ask me for reproductions !

REAL NAME                    FAKE OR COPY NAME

Diamond cz, Lab created or lab diamond

Emerald Lab  created, lab emerald, heat treated emerald

Ruby Ruby-like (usually plastic) , heat treated, ruby glass

Topaz Lab Topaz,created Topaz,(topaz may be different colours)

Opal Opal-like (usually shiny plastic !)

Pearl pearline,pearl-like (Plastic fake pearls  mainly from China)

Coral                               (be careful here there are many plastic fakes around)

Tanzanite There are very good copy tanzanite  stones in circulation

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the small commission  I get paid does not cost anything extra to customers

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